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With our 8(to)7 Quantum Resistant Encryption, we guarantee impenetrable privacy protection. Our mission is to safeguard personal and business data, ensuring you retain control over your privacy.

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8(to)7 Quantum resistant encryption accessible for everyone


Privacy and personal data protection are fundamental rights safeguarding individuals' autonomy and dignity.
8(to)7 Effective measures ensure that your personal sensitive information remains confidential and secure from unauthorized access.


Privacy and personal data protection are essential for companies, ensuring compliance with regulations and fostering trust with customers. 8(to)7 employs effective measures to safeguard sensitive corporate information, maintaining confidentiality and security against unauthorized access.


Privacy and personal data protection are paramount for enterprises, safeguarding both individual rights and business integrity. Implementing 8(to)7's effective measures ensures that sensitive company information remains confidential and secure from unauthorized access, fostering trust and compliance.

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Under a survey of 4000 companies based in the USA and Europe There has been a 239% increase in the number of large breaches involving hacking over the last four years

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8(to)7 Encryption is a type of encryption technology developed by NaveoI. It is a symmetric encryption algorithm that uses an 8-byte key to encrypt data. The 8-byte key is then reduced to a 7-byte key by using a hash function. This makes it more secure than other encryption algorithms, as it requires a longer key to decrypt the data.

8(to)7 Encryption is an ideal solution for cybersecurity because it is an end-to-end encryption system that is designed to protect data from being accessed or stolen. It uses advanced encryption algorithms to ensure that data is secure and can only be accessed by authorized users. 8(to)7 also uses a unique key to encrypt and decrypt data, ensuring that the data is only accessible to those who have the key.

8(to)7molucair AI-based encryption is an advanced encryption technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to encrypt data. It is designed to provide superior security and privacy protection compared to traditional encryption methods. The encryption algorithms used by 8(to)7molucair AI-based encryption are constantly updated to stay ahead of new threats and vulnerabilities.

8(to)7 is offering their Encryptions solution for free to Non-profit organizations because they believe in helping organizations with limited resources to protect their data and keep it secure. They understand that non-profits may have limited budgets and providing free encryption solutions allows them to remain secure without having to invest in expensive software. 8(to)7 also believes in supporting the communities in which they operate and feel that providing free encryption solutions to non-profits is a great way to do this.

Visit our blog solution page to read about our use case, en explore our Crypto corner if you more interested in our algorithm and codes

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