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In the face of increasing cyber threats and data vulnerabilities, Eight to Seven | Naveol was established with the clear mission to enhance data security and protect against unauthorized access. Recognizing the urgent need for reliable data protection, our dedicated team developed an innovative, patented encryption technology tailored to defend both file-object storage and communication streams.

Post Quantum

Consequences of Companies Delaying the Deployment of Post-Quantum Encryption

The potential consequences they might face by delaying the deployment of post-quantum encryption. As we all know, technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and it’s crucial for companies to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting their data and sensitive information against increasingly powerful computing technologies.

Quantum Encryption

Unlocking the Full Potential of Quantum Computing: 8(to)7 Innovative Encryption Solution and its Impact on Speed and Efficiency

8(to)7 we understand that data security is critical in the realm of quantum computing. Quantum computers have the potential to perform exceptional tasks that classical computers cannot, such as simulating molecular interactions, optimizing logistics, and breaking current encryption algorithms. As such, it is all the more crucial to secure the sensitive data processed by quantum computers. 8(to)7 encryption solution provides just that and much more

FAQs, How many cyberattacks per day?

How many people get hacked each year?

there are over 2,200 attacks each day which breaks down to nearly 1 cyberattack every 39 seconds.

2024’s cyber landscape include:
Next-gen security awareness programs geared toward generative AI in cyber threats.
Protection against deepfakes in cyber attacks, with attackers expected to use it for social engineering, creating false narratives, and impersonating individuals in videos or voice calls.


There has been a 239% increase in the number of large breaches involving hacking over the last four years 

People get hacked every year
Companies targeted by ransomware
0 %
Malware is delivered over email
0 %
Backdoors were deployed
0 %


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Post Quantum Encryption

Post Quantum Encryption

Secured Data Transmission

Secured Data Transmission

Office Security

Office Security

 Game piracy

Game piracy

More solutions

More solutions

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What can 8(to)7 do for your company?

We will encrypt your data quantum resistant.
Only you have access!

Our unique methodology involves a combination of signal processing
techniques, predictive coding, and entropy encoding to minimize
redundancy and achieve optimal compression ratios.

We offer a full hybrid post quantum encryption platform , easy to install and easy to use

Quantum Encryption With Great data security

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