"Ensure Quantum-Resistant Security for Your Organization

Help Your Customers Navigate the New Quantum Era” Our dedicated Crypto team focuses on designing and implementing post-quantum encryption solutions that robustly protect your organization and empower you to guide your customers through the quantum era


Facilitating the onboarding of new customers into our user-friendly 8(to)7 ecosystem, specifically designed for quantum-resistant encryptions


Our versatile encryption ecosystem seamlessly integrates with multiple operating systems, web applications, and desktop software


Embracing quantum-resistant encryption has never been simpler than with 8(to)7’s PQE ecosystem. Our streamlined system ensures robust security while making the transition effortless for your business


Once 8(to)7 Encryption is deployed, its user-friendly format makes it adaptable for scaling at any moment—whether in response to customer demands or for your own projects.

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Quantum facts

A recent survey of 1,000 companies (Jan-2024) from small to big enterprises worldwide regarding their preparedness for cryptography and quantum threats

Thinking About Quantum Threats

Just over half of the companies, approximately 42%, are actively considering the implications of cryptography and quantum threats

Lack of In-House Expertise

A significant 79% of companies acknowledge that they currently lack the right expertise in-house to effectively handle quantum security.

Not Ready for Quantum Cyber Attacks

Approximately 65% of surveyed companies admit that they are not yet prepared to face quantum cyber attacks

Budget Constraints

Alarmingly, 85% of these companies do not have a budget specifically allocated for addressing new quantum threats

8(to)7 Team Quantum expertises

Lets meet

“Our team, experts in encryption as a service, stands ready to customize post-quantum encryption solutions. We aim to equip your organization with the tools needed to strengthen your customers’ defenses against potential quantum attacks.”

Lets Design

“During our 30-day onboarding service, our Crypto team focuses on creating and implementing post-quantum encryption solutions that robustly protect your organization and your customers from potential quantum-based threats.”

Lets Go Live

Through our encryption-as-a-service offering, our Quantum experts are dedicated to design and implementing post-quantum encryption solutions that effectively safeguard your organization and your customers data from potential quantum-based attacks.

What we offer

One dedicated 8(to)7 Quantum expert for streamlining your business onboarding process with a focus on Quantum safety

Tailor made exclusively for your business requirements and your customer base, our quantum-resistant encryption ecosystem what ensures robust security against evolving and future quantum threats.

  • Quantum

    Our team will empower you with the knowledge to become Quantum experts. Moreover, you’ll be adept at onboarding new customers who have quantum cryptographic needs

  • Vision

    Our vision encompasses data protection for all needs, whether it’s ensuring guaranteed personal privacy or addressing the safety requirements of your businessc.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to lead the way in global data protection by collaborating with all stakeholders to ensure the integrity of data is firmly established

  • Result

    Increasing numbers of individuals and companies are aligning with 8(to)7 to proactively prepare for the emerging era of quantum-resistant data protection.

Encryption as a platform

8(to)7 is an all-in-one ecosystem platform featuring a user-friendly interface that makes it effortless to switch between encrypted and decrypted data. Whether you’re managing sensitive information or simply organizing your data, We ensures a seamless experience

Encrypted applications

Our 8(to)7 web application offers quantum-resistant encryption, ensuring that your data remains secure at every stage

Data protection

8(to)7 EaaS plays a crucial role in securing a wide range of information technology (IT) assets, ensuring that sensitive data remains protected across various platforms and communication channels.

Office security

Knowing that the use of our quantum-safe servers will render it impossible to retrieve encrypted data stored on servers or in the cloud.

What is a Quantum expert?

“8to7 is a team with over 20 years of collective experience in developing cryptographic algorithms. Focusing on quantum threats in the last 10 years and combined with experts in onboarding processes and evaluating complex company and software structures, we proudly consider ourselves Quantum Experts in every sense.”

"Ensure Quantum-Resistant Security for Your Organization and Your Clients"

“Explore and enroll in our 30-Day Customer Onboarding Journey!”

First meeting always free

Customer Journey
Lets meet
Lets Test
Lets go Live
Start Day (1) Explore
Map challenges
Environment testing
Offering live
Scoop solutions
First meeting
Second meeting
Third meeting
Define solution
Select prospects
Build testcase
Run testing
Analyze testing
Adjust testing to customer needs
Build POC
Showcase test result
Fine tune POC
Run program
Analyze data
Create outcome analyze
Finalize service
Deploy service
Start trial period
From Day(31)Onboard new customers
Always A Optional B
A-24/7 Technical support
B-24/7 Maintenance services
quantum expert
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