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Solution Elevate Hybrid Office Security with 8(to)7’s Post Quantum Encryption


Organizations must prioritize safeguarding sensitive company information, particularly when dealing with remote workers. The Eight to Seven (8to7) encryption solution provides an effective way of enhancing data security, regardless of employees’ locations. Through continuous encryption, access controls, mitigation of internal threats, adherence to data protection regulations, and data resilience, businesses can optimize data security, ensuring the confidentiality of their invaluable assets. Embracing the 8to7 encryption solution helps build trust, mitigate risks, and protect against evolving cyber threats, setting businesses on a path to success.

Securing Sensitive Information:

In an organization where employees have varying degrees of access to servers and encrypted files containing sensitive data, maintaining the confidentiality and protection of such information is pivotal. The 8to7 encryption solution offers a reliable and efficient way of safeguarding sensitive data within the company, regardless of the employees’ location.

Continuous Data Protection:

A significant benefit of using the 8to7 encryption solution is its ability to provide continuous data protection, even for employees working remotely. The encryption solution seamlessly integrates into employees’ systems, safeguarding sensitive information in real-time, regardless of the work location.

Access Control:

Implementing a sound access control mechanism within companies is critical to optimal data security. This is particularly crucial for employees working from home who require secure access to sensitive data. Through the 8to7 encryption solution, organizations can enforce a robust access control mechanism, allowing authorized personnel to access and decrypt sensitive information regardless of their location.

Mitigating Internal Threats:

Internal threats pose a significant challenge to data security regardless of location. The integration of the 8to7 encryption solution helps mitigate these risks through limiting access to sensitive data for both office-based and remote employees. Only authorized personnel can decrypt and access sensitive information, reducing the likelihood of data breaches resulting from malicious or unintentional actions of employees.

Compliance with Data Protection Regulations:

Data protection regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS require stringent adherence from organizations. Compliance with these regulations can be challenging when employees work from home, especially considering the risks associated with such working arrangements. The implementation of the 8to7 encryption solution assists in achieving these compliance requirements by safeguarding sensitive company data, ensuring its confidentiality, and maintaining its integrity.

Data Resilience:

The 8to7 encryption solution offers specific benefits for remote workers regarding data resilience. In the event of a breach attempt, encrypted data provides an additional layer of security. Even if unauthorized individuals gain unauthorized access to encrypted data, it remains incomprehensible without decryption keys. The 8to7 encryption solution’s resilience reduces the value of stolen data, acting as a strong deterrent against cyber attacks.

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